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 We have created a host of tools and resources to help you discover, learn and integrate that knowledge into every area of your life.  

We specialize in helping people understand their unique designs and solve life and organizational problems with these deep insights.  

Here are some of the areas that we cover:

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The Discover You! Products & Services are for anyone who want to get a better understanding why they do what they do and how to do it better! 

Individuals, Teams, Organizations, Businesses...

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This is where it all starts.  

The DY! Identifier is the cornerstone of the work we do here.  It is an online tool that we use to gather vital information from you and formulate the beginning of a Design Profile.  You will receive a detailed report that will give deep insights about what we call your Human Motivational Design. You will also receive a handbook that will tell you how to use the insights you have just received.  For those who want to go deeper we offer an array of tools and resources.  This will be the beginning of an amazing journey!  


2 ways to get the DY! Identifier