Architect 1.0 showcase .png

Architect 1.0 is a collection of design tools that we have created to help you integrate the knowledge of your motivational bend into your daily life. Since everything is effected by our motivational bend, it was important for us to show you the ways it effects your everyday life and to help you understand these ways as well as see them in operation. It was also important for us to help you understand the actions, behaviors, and choices of those you are doing life with.

The Architect 1.0 design tools are: Archetype, Designtype, Peopletype, Worktype, and Leadtype. Each of these tools aid you in designing and innovating your life. They take you to another level of exploring and understanding your design and cover areas such as work, relationships, and leadership. You will learn how your motivational bend functions in these areas which will enhance your ability to develop and deploy your design. You will also learn how other motivational bends function in these areas which will enhance your ability to interact with those around you.