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Our design consulting is focused on helping individuals and groups better understand themselves and others. We use our unique knowledge of design to help others discover more about their identity and what truly drives them in life. Then, we show them how to deploy this knowledge in every of their life and help them identify things such as the type of work they can do to accomplish what they are driven to do or how to use their design to increase their influence.

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In each consulting session we start with our DY diagnostic tools. We designed these tools to help you discover who you are, how you work, and how you interpersonally relate to others and the world around you. As you discover more about yourself, you will be empowered to bring a greater impact to the world.

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After introducing you to the diagnostic tools in the consulting sessions, we provide you with training that helps you take what you have just discovered and use it to your advantage. We train you to use the knowledge you gained from the previous phase to help you achieve new levels of success in your daily activities.

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In the final phase, we take everything you have learned in the previous phases and use it to craft tools. We help you craft tools that specifically fit your needs and allow you to make a contribution in your sphere of influence and the world. When you employ these tools you can effectively extend your influence, do the right work, and so much more.

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We specialize in helping our clients understanding their unique motivational designs and the designs of those around them.  It is a facilitation process that always leads to deeper insights about what make them work.

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We have developed an amazing program to help you track your performance and understand the variables.  There isn't a performance enhancement program like it on the planet.  You will come away with a customized plan key into your uniqued motivational design.  Your breakthrough is possible.  



Building the life you have always wanted starts with understanding who you are and the tools you have to build that life.  We work with people and groups from every possible type of industry and background.  You will leave these sessions with insights and tools that will give you profound ability to understand the essential components of how you operate.  You will be able to design and create the life that you were meant to live.  



Harmonious relationships don't just happen on their own.  It requires work and an understanding of both relationships and people.  This is true of all relationships.   It is just as true for our work relationships as well as our romantic and family relationships.  We have designed amazing tools and resources to help any relationship become dynamic and vibrant.  The insights, tools and information in Compatible are life changing.  

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