Get to know your personal motivational design!

First, we start by helping you find out your unique design and how it relates to the world around you; it is an amazing and awe-inspiring journey.  You will be amazed at how much you learn about yourself in a few weeks.  Many people feel as if they have learned more in this period of time than over the course of their life; I know it is hard to believe but it is true. The things you learn about yourself will empower you to do things you would have never done before and it will have a liberating effect on you. The DY7 Bundle is where everyone starts! This is where you will have an opportunity to use our diagnostic tool and learn about each of the seven components of your unique design. Make sure you take advantage of the ever growing amount of resources available to you for learning, growing, and changing. 


Second, now that you know your unique design, you can learn about it. The tools in this section help you go deeper in that understanding. This section is also created to help you learn other peoples design and the world around you. This is an invaluable resource for growing and building your relationships. The more you understand about your design and the others around you, the better you will be able to relate and navigate through life from the perspective of design.


Third, with all the insight and understanding you have gained you are ready to integrate your newly empowered design into every area of your life. Integration gives you the ability to increase your effectiveness by understanding where, when, and how to use your design and all of its abilities. The tools in this section are AWESOME!  They will help you extend your influence and bring increase to every area of your life as you give yourself away. You will Discover, Learn, and Integrate your design over and over and over again.  Look out WORLD here YOU come! 

Me: eCourse

The Me: eCourse is a course we created to help you get the most out of the Me:Designbook.  It is a digital guide offering charts, tools, and other resources to enhance your learning experience.  You will come away with a thorough knowledge of your amazing design and how it works in the world.  The eCourse is a great companion to the Designbook.

Design 101

Motivational Components


Human Make-up

Operating system


Governing Dynamics


Design X

The quintessential training for understanding anyone!

Design X is an in-depth study about the 7 Motivational Designs.  It will take you into the mystery of how you function and what motivates you.  Design X also offers you a great opportunity to learn the other designs that are not your primary ones which is invaluable in learning how to work with and relate to others.  Each session is designed to break down and explain the various components of each design.  Design X will provide you with a more thorough understanding for the 7 Motivational Designs.

The Design     Helix    

Meet the    Prophet

Meet the      Server

Meet the    Teacher


Meet the Encourager

Meet the        Giver

Meet the        Ruler

Meet             Mercy

Your Breakthrough is now!

Element is a course focused on helping you live in the element of your design! In this course you will learn things such as the different levels of your element and the benefits that come with each level. You will also learn about the different levels of living outside of your element and the consequences that result. Element will help you identify those things that prevent you from living at the highest level of your element and you will learn what actions you need to take in order to do so. 

Tools to redesign your life and your world!

Architect 1.0 is a collection of design tools that we have created to help you integrate the knowledge of your motivational bend into your daily life. Since everything is effected by our motivational bend, it was important for us to show you the ways it effects your everyday life and to help you understand these ways as well as see them in operation. It was also important for us to help you understand the actions, behaviors, and choices of those you are doing life with.

The Architect 1.0 design tools are: Archetype, Designtype, Peopletype, Worktype, and Leadtype. Each of these tools aid you in designing and innovating your life. They take you to another level of exploring and understanding your design and cover areas such as work, relationships, and leadership. You will learn how your motivational bend functions in these areas which will enhance your ability to develop and deploy your design. You will also learn how other motivational bends function in these areas which will enhance your ability to interact with those around you.