Did you know that a major part of your drive and passion is your unique design.  You were designed to see things a certain way and to interact with the world in a certain way. What is your Unique Design?  What are the special abilities that you possess that allow you to fulfill your desires and passions? How much do you know about what makes you, you?  


Below you will find an assessment you can use to help you start your journey,

Here at Discover You! Everything starts with you.  You are the center of all that you are doing.  Whether you are starting a business or developing a product it all has to do with you.  Ever through you are focused on serving the needs of others you are one serving them.  Understanding your unique makeup is a major key to understanding your difference.  DY7 is our design system created to help each person understand their unique motivational design.  Every coaching, consulting and training product and service come with this amazing tool.  We will create a profile and portfolio for you.  We have an extensive line of training and resources dedicated to helping you discover and explore the endless possibility within you.

There is greatness in you! It’s time to Discover and Develop that GREATNESS!
— Discover You!

The DY7 Identifier is our online diagnostic tool that has helped thousands start the journey to discovering and understanding their unique motivational design.

This is where it all starts for anyone who desires to enhance their life and increase their performance.  It is also the very beginning to understanding the intricacies of your unique design and how to optimize it.  This information is so valuable because once you know your design you can then optimize, develop, and deploy it to the world around you!

The Identifier

We have created an amazing evaluation that measures the frequency at which you do certain things, and it factors it into our design matrix.  We have developed this matrix over 20 years and have used it to evaluate thousands of people.  This evaluation is 105 questions.  Are their shorter evaluations that measure personality?  Yes there there are, but remember this is not just a measurement of your personality.  It is a measure of the aspects of your design that is connected to your motivation and the unique way you engage the world around you.  It was important for us to be accurate and thorough and to not cut corners in helping you evaluate your unique motivational design.  Below is a sample of the evaluation.

Screen Shot identifier.png

Why is it important?

earth and cities.jpeg

The knowledge of your design is vital for you to understand your unique motivation and perspective in life.  It will also give you important clues and insights into why you are dispositioned toward certain actions and things in life. The more you know about your innate abilities and the unique personality that is connected to it, the easier it will be for you to harness and use it to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself in life.  This is the beginning of you being able to design and craft the life you have always dreamed of.  This is also the beginning of a deeper understanding of the people around you.  


Knowing your motivational design is the beginning of discovering your unique abilities and tendencies.