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We are all given an amazing opportunity to make the world beautiful.  Each of us has been endowed with wonderful talents and abilities that allow us to contribute to the lives of those around us.  This contribution enriches both the lives of those who benefit from it and ourselves.  Through them we are able to express and experience our true purpose in the world. 

Each of us has what we call a Principle Ability.  This ability is the primary competence you have and are driven to exercise to accomplish your motivation.  This Principle Ability can be exhibited in a number of different ways and through different vehicles.  When I say vehicle I mean instruments through which your influence and effectiveness can be extended.  When we are motivated by love and exercise our principle abilities we are in what we call your element.  Being in your element allows you to do four things:

1.    Optimize your design’s ability 

2.    Benefit those around you

3.    Avoid the negative aspects of our design

4.    Experience significance and purpose


We have created a chart to help you see the progression of living from your element.  It is meant to be used as a guide and visual aid to help you track your development.  It uses a scale that ranges from 0 to 100 on the positive end and 0 to -100 on the negative end.  The positive end is the side where development in your element is tracked.  The negative end is the side of the chart where you are able to measure the extent to which you are operating within the stronghold of your design.  Each side is measured in increments of 30 until it reaches the max number.  

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