The quintessential training for understanding anyone!

Design X is an in-depth study about the 7 Motivational Designs.  It will take you into the mystery of how you function and what motivates you.  Design X also offers you a great opportunity to learn the other designs that are not your primary ones which is invaluable in learning how to work with and relate to others.  Each session is designed to break down and explain the various components of each design.  Design X will provide you with a more thorough understanding for the 7 Motivational Designs.

Me: eCourse

The Me: eCourse is a course we created to help you get the most out of the Me:Designbook.  It is a digital guide offering charts, tools, and other resources to enhance your learning experience.  You will come away with a thorough knowledge of your amazing design and how it works in the world.  The eCourse is a great companion to the Designbook.