Dream Mapping will impact your life by...

...changing the way you think. Dream mapping will introduce you to a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking will change how you think of yourself, the people around you and the world as you know it. it starts by introducing the concept of purpose and what it means to live on purpose and with a purpose. The purpose by which we live will alter the way we think about everything and how we respond to the various circumstances that may arrive in our lives. The way we think determines our ability to accomplish our dreams. 

...changing the way you feel. The way we feel about something determines how much of our emotional energy we will invest in something. Emotional energy is an essential part of accomplishing our greatest dreams and aspirations. The various activities in dream mapping have been designed to get you emotionally connected to your unique purpose and reason for existence. As this connection grows you will feel more and more responsible to accomplish all your dreams and aspirations. 

...changing your decision making process. The impact of the way you think and feel will change the way you make decisions. You will be able to make the right decision as it relates to your personal vision and mission. The tools that are locked in dream mapping will act as a guide and reference for your life, helping you to make more responsible and wise decisions as it relates to where youa re going in life and that which youa re trying to accomplish. 

...changing the way you invest. Take a look at what you have versus those things you will need to accomplish your dreams. You will see that the sum total of what you do have right now is directly connected to what and how you invested over time. It is very important to invest in the right things as it relates to our purpose in order to get to where we are going. Dream mapping will help you to discover how to get to where you are going and this in turn will align the way you invest your time, energy, and your money.  

...changing the way you work.  After you discover your personal vision, misison and aspirations you will never work the same. You will be able to work in a manner that moves you toward accomplishing your goals. You will now have a clear purpose and know exactly what activities to engage in, in order to get you to where youa re going. You will work with confidence knowiing that as youa re doing the work you are drawing closer to accomplishing your dreams. 

...changing your success rate. With a clear goal and map for how to get there you will be more likely to succeed in the ventures you take on because you know exactly why you are here and how to get there. Most people are not successful because they do not know where they are going nor how to get there. Dream mapping has some amazing tools to help you discover these things. As a result increasing your success rate.