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This assessment was designed to survey the seven components that make up your motivational bend. Through this survey we are able to understand your unique motivational design. Each person has all seven components in varying amounts. This gives them their special motivations, perspectives, personalities, and abilities.  

The Primary Component of the seven is the one you have the highest value. This is measured by how frequently you use this ability or are motivated to that end.  It sets the context for the other six components to operate from.

These components are not only the seven motivational drives within our design, but they are also the seven building blocks for creating and maintaining society. 

The We have been studying human design and its development for over 20 years with a specialization in the area covering motivation.  It has allowed us to develop tools and technology to help people understand and develop their potential.  We call this technology Human Potential Optimization.  DY7 is just one of those tools.  It is a diagnostic tool used to help people like you discover their Motivational Bend.

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Me: Designbook is more than just a book; it is our revolutionary discovery and learning system! The Me: Designbook provides you with an in-depth insight of the 7 components that make up our Motivational Designs. You will learn about various aspects of human design such as how we are uniquely motivated as well as what allows our designs to operate in the world. The Me: Designbook will take you to a new level of discovering and exploring who you were designed to be. You will not only gain a greater understanding of who you are but you will also begin to understand why you are motivated to do certain things in life. 

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